Monday, December 5, 2016


Your task for this clip is to write a summary of it (that means, what was it about? What happened?)
The challenge for this, is you must use as few words as possible, but still have all the ideas in it.
Your teacher will be checking it to make sure you haven’t left out any ideas.
You must talk about
  • What is an earthquake?
  • How are they made?
  • Talk about one example - e.g. the earthquake in Japan and how it affected people
  • What can people do to help minimise the damage of earthquakes (look at the last ‘fact’)

Start here:A Earthquake is when roads get destroyed in a line and houses prank dawn the Earthquake is when big,giant, rock then it hits a montine then the montines branks then some rocks and dirt and grass comes down and onto the road.Earthquakes can make you die

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