Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Today we made fries.  
first we miss ashley chose a group.
Next we got potato then got a knife then made the potato a half then we cut like chip  then we put staff on top then we put it on something then we cooked it

  • group
  • potato
  • knife
  • cut the potato
  • put staff on it
  • cook it

Mmm,that's tasty!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

cooking with biogas in india?






Should childen be allowed to vote in elections?

In my opinion I think should be allowed to vote in an election.

I think kids should be allowed to vote in an election because there are adults that can't read or write but they can still vote because of the age. For example kids can't vote like saying black people can't vote because of their color.

Another reason is because the kids that live in america that's their country too. And the president affects them as well.


My final reason why kids should be allowed to vote because  Children are people who are expected to follow the laws, pay taxes, and endure punishments.

BY sosaia and auckland

Monday, June 12, 2017

Banana Bread

Today room 7 made banana bread and we got into four groups and four in a group. First we got boals and miss ashley put a hole banana and a halve of a banana.
Next miss gave each group and a fork then we match the banana until it was smooth.    
Next we got a bigger boal then crack the eggs and flower and one and a halve of surger then we tiped the banana boal into the big boal then we mix it. then we cooked it.chocklet was on it.

  • boals
  • banana
  • eggs 
  • flower
  • surger
  • chocklet