Thursday, September 20, 2018

Tuakana teina

Tuakana teina
Wow! On Wednesday Room 8 students went to Room 3 make an earthquake house because we were learning about natural disasters.

Firstly, we went to Room 3 we were talking about rules when we are in a group. After we took two tables outside of Room 3 then we chose our groups,we had to go with a Room 3.

Secondly, we added rubber bands straws and pins. In addition, we went and got a milk box then we got scissors to cut of a box of piece to connect it to our milk box. Next we sticked the paper that has a window to our house.
Next we went out to the tables to paint our house black.

Lastly, we had to test our weight if its high or low.
We took photos of our house.

Card castle

Card castle

Awesome! On Tuesday Room 8 had Kiwi Can we felt happy.

Firstly, We talked about our topic it was perseverance then we had our Energizer it was a game called rock paper scissors.
Next we had to vs other people at once.

Secondly, We moved to our activity it was called card castle, It was to build the tallest tower.

In addition, Room 8 got 100% on points.

Boxing Feedback

Boxing Feedback

My first boxing session was not that good because it was my first boxing sport.

I was learning while I was practicing boxing moves.

It was amazing to have boxing gloves on, I felt like I was in a boxing ring.

I would like to have boxing again as my Kiwisport.

Monday, September 3, 2018


Amazing,chatterbox! On a Tuesday morning Room 8 made a
WALT:Use your listening skills.

First, we were waiting for Ms Bracey to cut the piece of  magazine,
Then Dane and Tasi handed out the piece of magazine to our class.
We had to listen for instructions to make the chatterbox.

Secondly, Ms Bracey told us to fold the magazine to make a
triangle shape. Next we had to wait for the next piece of instruction.
Then we had to cut the little rectangle, Next we folded the four corners
to the middle Then we did the same to the back of the magazine.

At last,  We folded the magazine to a little square then we had to
unfold the square to finish the chatterbox.
Then could play with the chatterbox.

Then we had to write about what we did.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Magic snow

Magic snow

WALT: A science experiment with polymer to write a recount
from the experience.
Shocking,magic snow! On a Wednesday morning in Room 8
students took part of a science experience.

First ms bracey explained the  history of magic snow.
Also product is called polymer.Ms Bracey was showing us the
science ingredients chemistry. We listened to ms with our ears.

Secondly the magic snow paket was cut with scissors, then we
had a plastic cup. Then we tipped the snow in the cup then we
tipped ½ of cold water in the plastic cup.

At last, when we tipped the water into the snow the snow started to
enlarge like a muffin, it was puffed in like a cake.
I was nervous because i thought it wasn't going to work.
I was very shocked because i haven't seen a magic snow get bigger.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

prediction key

Thinkers key

Complete and A-Z listing of all
the key topic vocabulary to
do with Earth and Beyond.
Black hole
Dwarf planet
Yellow dwarf star
ZenihImage result for abc

We know that we stick to the earth, with
the help of gravity...but what if gravity didn’t exist?  What would you do?
  • Playing sports with no gravity
  • Go to school without gravity
  • Watch T.V.
  • Play Fortnite
  • Draw
  • Feed pets
  • Go to town
  • Go to the beach
  • Sleep
  • Jump around
  • Cut my hair
  • Go shopping
  • We could climb high mountains
  • Read book
  • Go eat
  • We could wear a jetpack
Image result for solar system
Solar System 101 | National Geographic
Use the BAR key to improve the
design of at least two of these options..
  1. Hologram in the satelite.
  2. Food in the rocket.

The answer is: the sun.  
Write 24 questions that would give this answer.
What is the other word for solar?
What makes fire?
What is hot?
What is in the middle of the solar system?
What burns us everyday?
How can you get sunburn?
What grows planets?
What makes light at day time?
What makes us warm?
What do the planets orbit?
What makes refraction?
What makes us not freeze?
What is the hottest thing in the solar system?
What makes us tired?
What's hotter than lava?
What makes us blind when you look at the eclipse?
What wakes us up sometimes?
What is a big magnet in the solar system?
What makes me up?
What is close to mercury?
What shines in the sky at day time?
What holds the planet?
What is the biggest yellow star?
What is bigger than jupiter and saturn?
What has solar flares?
Imagine you are going to interview the Sun.  Write 13 questions that you would ask.
Use a range of question starters and open/closed questions.
Extension:  Write what you imagine the Sun would say to answer each of your questions!
How long do you stay awake?
How do you come out in sunshine?
Why are you so fiery?
Why are you so hot?
Why are you not cold?
Who are your favourite planets?
Why don´t you eat?
How can you float?
How do you fly?
How old are you?
What are you made of?
How can you get brighter?
Why are you big?