Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Aboriginal dot art

Yesterday we made aboriginal dot art bellow.
Australia do this,we made it with,paint,ear bud,then we put ear bud in the paint then paint  anything.
We did dots around the paper and we were not allowed to draw it on the paper. 
I painted a tongan flag and I made dots of  Mate Maa Tonga and my name.
We went in groups of 5,4 it was me amon auckland suave and vili.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

october tuesday,yoga

Yesterday october 24 of tuesday  we had yoga in room 7 we had to get a buddy it had to be boy,boy and girl,girl.It was in the class,Then we had to copy the picture on the tv and stanley and kika took the photoś.we had to do it on the floor.Miss ashley explained what to do .

My partner for yoga was suave,when we did yoga some was easy and some was hard.  Next we had to go  and find space to do the yoga.
When we did the yoga miss ashley helped people that keep crumbled to the fooling.
We could balance on some, after every single one we had to  inhale,exhale and hilarious.
The easiest one was when we had to hold arms and lean back.
My favorite one was when we did the splices.

The hardest  was when we had to lift each other.IMG_20171024_140746.jpg