Monday, May 28, 2018

Days of the week in my own Language

                       Days of the week
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Ten-Hounga fulu
WALT:Include my first language -In my Writing.
My challenge is to understand my language. 

What we know about the sun?

WALT: to describe the sun using powerful vocabulary.
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Did you know the sun is like a hydrogen bomb?

Furthermore  sun is a big giant bomb.

In addition  sun is a giant magnet!

The sun is magnetically driven.

Did you know the  sun is called solar?

You can see how dynamic the sun is as well.

Did you know the sun is made out of hydrogen,helium and gas?

In fact the sun is fire star!

My challenge is to fix up sentence beginnings

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Why we have Day and Night?

How can earth make day and night?

We have day and night because earth orbits the sun.

Firstly  earth rotates on its axis causing day and night.

Secondly if you are on the other side of the sun
it's night time and you are facing the moon.
if you are on the side that's
facing towards the sun its day time.

Finally this is how earth has day and night!Image result for day and night

WALT:use a check list
My challenge is to fix my capitals.
I learnt to explain  about day,night.

About time solving.

My group learned about dmic, it is about math.

Miss Bracey gave  us a paper then on the paper is some  math questions.

On the paper we have to solve it out as a group.
We shared our learning with the class,We were explaining the work that we have done and we also had to write it on the board.

My challenge is to use other ways to solve the problems. 

Results of the solar system.

Firstly we got a tiny little piece of the solar system,some of us got 1/20 and some got an 1/4 of the earth. It was a mystery. 
I had to imagine how it was going to turn out.

In fact, I had to put more detail to my tiny puzzle piece, It was an exploration. In addition, I was having an adventure.

Secondly some had to enlarge the 1/4 earth and we had to copy the 1/20 piece of the solar system.

Finally we copied our results (1/20 & 1/4 ) of the solar system and part of the earth 

Furthermore it turns out as a enormous puzzle piece.

My challenge of this task was to collect the results and find the total equation.

Ko Hoko Mo´ue

  WALT:Make a pepeha,My pepeha was about my culture.
I wrote my pepeha in Tongan.
What challenged me was finding pictures and finding how to spell family in tongan.
I learnt to Embed a video to my blog.

Walking water

Walking water
WALT:use a brainstorm
My challenge is to brainstorm my write bold.

Room 8 was working on a experiment project based on
walking water. We all got buddies and my buddy was Wesley.
Firstly Ms Bracey was setting up the experiment project
She put five plastic cups along the table.
Next She used food colouring in the water cups  the
colour was kolokola,bulu also engeenga, it is our school colour.
went colour no colour but there were only three cups that
had food colouring.  furthermore Ms Bracey put strip
paper in each cup.

Secondly Ms Bracey asked us to predict what is going to
happen to the project.Then on friday morning the blended in
together and made the secondary colors in the empty cup.

Thirdly we were asked to peek and observe information.


Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Challenging Volleyball

In week 1 last week Room 8 went to volleyball our coach was Elenor.
The volleyball session was about serving and passing.  
The volleyball was bouncy,It was not that hard.
I found serving the ball over the net challenging.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

DMIC Week 1

In week 1  Room 8 was working on a maths solving problems.
The problem was about telling the time.
There were lots of words.
We had to work out the time problems.
We had to present our learning with the class.  
Working in a groups was enjoyable.
I found sharing the class with my thinking challenge.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

2018 Sports

Iron Sport

On this beautiful weather room, 8 & 6 were asked to participate in a commitment to sports. 

Firstly before we even started to begin, We started off with warm-ups then our tutor showed us an example what to do. 

Secondly we had an athletics competition,once you lose the race you stand on the side and if you win you go to the finals.

Thirdly we moved on to another one it was like the same but you have to run side to side.

Finally we got back to class then I learnt how to embed a photo to my blog.

My challenge is to run faster at Iron sport.


Room 8 Te Tuhi

We went Te Tuhi on bus.
Te Tuhi was at pakuranga next to the
pakuranga rugby club.

We went to Te Tuhi during term 1.

At Te Tuhi  Room 8 went and helpers.

We created art,We looked at art.

We painted a a4 piece of paper black,Then we got a letter and we sketed the letters.

I learnt how to make a map.
I had to find place to connect the blue line.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

behavior in the corridor

Room 8 were learning to make their own comic.
My one is behavior in the corridor.
My  challenge is to make it more interesting.