Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Comare and contrust

Card 22
How is the seattle library different from the Redmond  library? How are they the same?
The seattle library has eleven floor and the redmond library next to his house. They are both library.

Card 1
In what ways are keith and danny the same? In what ways are they different?
They are both boys and they both go to the same school. Keith helps her mother and danny gets in trouble often.

Card 10
How is Aubrey yard different now than it was winter? In what ways is still the same?
The snow had been so deep that rascal could´t get into his house. There was no leaves on the tree and flower either.

Card 12
How are deciduous tree and evergreen trees different? How are they similar?
There are needles instead of leaves in the redwood tree. Trees provides homes and food for kinds of animals.

Card 23
In what ways were the Husky fans and cougar the same? In what ways were they different.
they all lined up for the tickets. Husky had more fans than cougar  because it was a home game for Husky.

Card 24
In what ways are Roald Dahl and Maurice sendak similar? In what ways are they different?
They both like books and there rich. Roald Dahi is known from writing in middle grad and Maurice sendak is known illustrating.

Card 9
How are logan and nolan alike? In what ways are they different?
They both like viking. Nolan likes the forest and logan likes traveling.

Card 4
How are lizards and salamanders the same? How are they different?
They have little legs. A salamander must stay in water the rest of its life and a lizard has dry skin.

Card 3
In what ways were jake and ethans approaches to the report the same? How were they different?
They both wanted to read the same book and they were working on there report. Jake got a A on his report and ethan got a C on his report.

Card 19
What things did Alisa do at the library that were different from what  her mom did? What did she do that was the same?
Her mom looked for  books that make furniture and Alisa picked a book about fantasy and science fiction books.

Card 20
How are hamsters and gerbils different? How are they the same?
A hamster or a gerbil can make a good pet. A hamster is are nocturnal and a gerbil is a social animal.

Card 18
How are emily and claire slides of the bathroom the same? How are they different?
They each have a bed.Emily kept her side clean and claire room was a mess.

Card 11
How are gabby and tyler the same in their berry picking styles? How are they different?
Gabby picked the berrys fast and tyler picked up the berry's slow. They both ate the berries.

Card 17
How are racal and lulu the same? How are they different?
They are both beagles. Racal runs around everywhere and lulu followers aaron around the house.

Card 16
How are coal and wind the same? In what ways are they different?
Coal is a supply about half the electricity and wind is electricity. People won't run out of wind but will on coal.

Card 13
In what ways are stacy and tracy the same? In what ways are tracy different? Stacy took bullet class and tracy took a soccer team. They watch the same movie,tv show, book.

Card 2
How is leah's new bedroom the same as her old one? How is it different?
The room is small. Mom painted the walls like the other one.

Card 15
What things did caleb and gavin do at the fair that were the same? What did they do that were different? Caleb flipped 3 cups and gavin went on the rollercoaster.

Card 21
How were Susan and Sharon different from each other? How were they the same?
Susan and sharon met at the summer camp and they are both girls. Susan is a tomboy from california and sharon is a girl from boston.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Tuakana teina

Tuakana teina
Wow! On Wednesday Room 8 students went to Room 3
make an earthquake house because we were learning about
natural disasters.

Firstly, we went to Room 3 we were talking about rules
when we are in a group. After we took two tables outside of
Room 3 then we chose our groups,we had to go with a Room 3.

Secondly, we added rubber bands straws and pins. In addition,
we went and got a milk box then we got scissors to cut of a box of
piece to connect it to our milk box. Next we sticked the paper that
has a window to our house.
Next we went out to the tables to paint our house black.

Lastly, we had to test our weight if its high or low.
We took photos of our house.

Card castle

Card castle
Awesome! On Tuesday Room 8 had Kiwi Can we felt happy.

Firstly, We talked about our topic it was perseverance then we had our Energizer it was a game called rock paper scissors.
Next we had to vs other people at once.
Secondly, We moved to our activity it was called card castle, It was to build the tallest tower.

In addition, Room 8 got 100% on points.

Boxing Feedback

Boxing Feedback

My first boxing session was not that good because it was my first
boxing sport.

I was learning while I was practicing boxing moves.

It was amazing to have boxing gloves on,
I felt like I was in a boxing ring.

I would like to have boxing again as my Kiwisport.

Monday, September 3, 2018


Amazing,chatterbox! On a Tuesday morning Room 8 made a
WALT:Use your listening skills.

First, we were waiting for Ms Bracey to cut the piece of  magazine,
Then Dane and Tasi handed out the piece of magazine to our class.
We had to listen for instructions to make the chatterbox.

Secondly, Ms Bracey told us to fold the magazine to make a
triangle shape. Next we had to wait for the next piece of instruction.
Then we had to cut the little rectangle, Next we folded the four corners
to the middle Then we did the same to the back of the magazine.

At last,  We folded the magazine to a little square then we had to
unfold the square to finish the chatterbox.
Then could play with the chatterbox.

Then we had to write about what we did.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Magic snow

Magic snow

WALT: A science experiment with polymer to write a recount
from the experience.
Shocking,magic snow! On a Wednesday morning in Room 8
students took part of a science experience.

First ms bracey explained the  history of magic snow.
Also product is called polymer.Ms Bracey was showing us the
science ingredients chemistry. We listened to ms with our ears.

Secondly the magic snow paket was cut with scissors, then we
had a plastic cup. Then we tipped the snow in the cup then we
tipped ½ of cold water in the plastic cup.

At last, when we tipped the water into the snow the snow started to
enlarge like a muffin, it was puffed in like a cake.
I was nervous because i thought it wasn't going to work.
I was very shocked because i haven't seen a magic snow get bigger.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

prediction key

Thinkers key

Complete and A-Z listing of all
the key topic vocabulary to
do with Earth and Beyond.
Black hole
Dwarf planet
Yellow dwarf star
ZenihImage result for abc

We know that we stick to the earth, with
the help of gravity...but what if gravity didn’t exist?  What would you do?
  • Playing sports with no gravity
  • Go to school without gravity
  • Watch T.V.
  • Play Fortnite
  • Draw
  • Feed pets
  • Go to town
  • Go to the beach
  • Sleep
  • Jump around
  • Cut my hair
  • Go shopping
  • We could climb high mountains
  • Read book
  • Go eat
  • We could wear a jetpack
Image result for solar system
Solar System 101 | National Geographic
Use the BAR key to improve the
design of at least two of these options..
  1. Hologram in the satelite.
  2. Food in the rocket.

The answer is: the sun.  
Write 24 questions that would give this answer.
What is the other word for solar?
What makes fire?
What is hot?
What is in the middle of the solar system?
What burns us everyday?
How can you get sunburn?
What grows planets?
What makes light at day time?
What makes us warm?
What do the planets orbit?
What makes refraction?
What makes us not freeze?
What is the hottest thing in the solar system?
What makes us tired?
What's hotter than lava?
What makes us blind when you look at the eclipse?
What wakes us up sometimes?
What is a big magnet in the solar system?
What makes me up?
What is close to mercury?
What shines in the sky at day time?
What holds the planet?
What is the biggest yellow star?
What is bigger than jupiter and saturn?
What has solar flares?
Imagine you are going to interview the Sun.  Write 13 questions that you would ask.
Use a range of question starters and open/closed questions.
Extension:  Write what you imagine the Sun would say to answer each of your questions!
How long do you stay awake?
How do you come out in sunshine?
Why are you so fiery?
Why are you so hot?
Why are you not cold?
Who are your favourite planets?
Why don´t you eat?
How can you float?
How do you fly?
How old are you?
What are you made of?
How can you get brighter?
Why are you big?

Shape poem

Monday, July 2, 2018

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Picture Key

What could be happening in these pictures?  Come up with a thoughtful and creative story for each picture.

The monkey in space

One day a monkey was sent to space because his dream was to be a astronaut.

Then one day he was on space then when he got out but out then he was just looking around the moon.

But then he went to the shadow then he suddenly he trapped in the shadow  but then he tried to call his friend but he got really stuck that could not even move.

Suddenly some one was talking then monkey was calling for help but he's buddy was right behind him,then he pulled monkey then his buddy´s hand got frozen.
Then they went to the sun to dry up the frozen on them.

Then they went to earth then monkey did not want to go to space again.

The cat in space

One morning in space a cat with his buddy cat they went travelling around space then they keep sleeping.

The cats was at space they went to look at planets and learn all about space.
But then one day they were going around space then they went sleep then the spaceship went straight to the sun.

but then an astronaut sneaked in the spaceship then turned the spaceship around to earth.

Then they went to earth.


What if? Key

What if we started building houses on the moon?  Who would live there? What might the consequences of this be?  Do you agree to do this?

Because if you build in space you will not have any oxygen and you can't breathe.

Astronauts will have these huge tanks full of oxygen.

Your die,your float away and your be alone in space.


Because the astronaut have experience by the similarities that are like space.

Comparison Key

What are the similarities and differences between Mars and Earth?
You could use a Venn diagram or T-Chart to organise your thinking.

Invention Key

Invent a game for others to play on the moon!
Who is your target audience?  What will your game be named? What outfit will players be wearing?  What equipment will you need to play? What are the rules?
The maze
The rule is to get past the maze without stopping.
The target is to get past to the end of the maze.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Sun description

WALT:use of punctuation to explain the sun and use a brainstorm.Image result for sun
Did you know the sun is like a hydrogen bomb?

Furthermore  sun is a big giant bomb.

In addition  sun is a giant magnet!

The sun is magnetically driven.

Did you know the  sun is called solar?

You can see how dynamic the sun is as well.

Did you know the sun is made out of hydrogen,helium and gas?

In fact the sun is fire star!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Solar system animation

WALT:create an animation of solar system using google drawing.
My challenge was explaining  my animation.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Moon phases

WALT:create a google drawing of the different moon phases.
I found challenging explaining the moon phases.
I learnt all of the moon phases.