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yesterday we have been learning about coordinates,coordinates is dots and it's when you connect the dots to gether it was a star and a steering wheel.
it was easy to write the dots but it wasn't easy when we had to conect it.

Monday, November 20, 2017


Today we have been learning about campuses,campuses is when it directs you to east,west,north and south and it helps you get home safely.
we were drawing our own maps to hide our own token for our other buldy to find it.
we had to write N8 that means north and take 8 steps.

Bull rush game

Games and sports

Hauora sport NRL

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Aboriginal dot art

Yesterday we made aboriginal dot art bellow.
Australia do this,we made it with,paint,ear bud,then we put ear bud in the paint then paint  anything.
We did dots around the paper and we were not allowed to draw it on the paper. 
I painted a tongan flag and I made dots of  Mate Maa Tonga and my name.
We went in groups of 5,4 it was me amon auckland suave and vili.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

october tuesday,yoga

Yesterday october 24 of tuesday  we had yoga in room 7 we had to get a buddy it had to be boy,boy and girl,girl.It was in the class,Then we had to copy the picture on the tv and stanley and kika took the photoΕ›.we had to do it on the floor.Miss ashley explained what to do .

My partner for yoga was suave,when we did yoga some was easy and some was hard.  Next we had to go  and find space to do the yoga.
When we did the yoga miss ashley helped people that keep crumbled to the fooling.
We could balance on some, after every single one we had to  inhale,exhale and hilarious.
The easiest one was when we had to hold arms and lean back.
My favorite one was when we did the splices.

The hardest  was when we had to lift each other.IMG_20171024_140746.jpg

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Penguins are black and white birds that can’t fly.
They live in Antarctica, Australia and New Zealand. These places are really cold and penguins like the cold.

Penguins have claws, a bill, webbed feet, a tail and flippers. They use their tail and flippers to help them stand up straight.

Penguins are good swimmers and use their flippers like arms to help them swim fast. They catch their food while they are swimming. They eat fish, krill and squid.

Penguins catch prey with their bills and swallow it whole while swimming. A penguin has a spiny tongue and powerful jaws to grip slippery prey.

The predators of the penguin are sharks, leopard seals and polar bears.
Penguins use camouflage of their black and white feathers to help them hide from predators. When swimming, their white bellies blend in with the surface when viewed from predators below, and their black backs blend in with the dark sea when viewed by predators from above.

Penguins live together in captivity. There are 20 different kinds of penguins and they live ford different lengths of time. Emperor penguins live for 20 years. Little penguins live for 6 years.

Penguins lay eggs. Emperor penguins breed every year between June and August which is winter in Antarctica. To keep the eggs warm the parents put the egg on their feet and the parents feather keep the egg warm. Emperor penguins incubate their eggs for about 65 days before the egg hatches.

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hauiki poem

WALT:write haiku poems

5-yell at the person
7-punch the wall and roll my eyes
5-punch somebody in school

5-run away and scream
7-Hide behind the car and fall
5-scream and hide behind my bed

5-when i'm sad i cry
7-When i’m sad i cry alot
5-i cry when i'm sad

5-when i’m happy i jump
7-i’m happy a lot the time
5-i get excited

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Today room 7 went to Pak'NSave.  First we got into 3 group's then we went on the bus to Pak'NSave.
then we there,then there was a lady called tina she was from the heart foundation.when we got to pak'Nsave we had to go with a teacher or a parent.Then we got a paper and a pensole to write how many sugar,fat-total(g),sodium(salt)mg,energy(kj) and dietary fibre(g) and we had to write the rainbow colors of fruit.The food that we looked at was breakfast cereals,bread,muesli bar,snack foods and milk/dairy products.My group was viliami,kika,S-L,me,and viliami mum vere.

                                          Then when we finished we took a picture.

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Today we made fries.  
first we miss ashley chose a group.
Next we got potato then got a knife then made the potato a half then we cut like chip  then we put staff on top then we put it on something then we cooked it

  • group
  • potato
  • knife
  • cut the potato
  • put staff on it
  • cook it

Mmm,that's tasty!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

cooking with biogas in india?






Should childen be allowed to vote in elections?

In my opinion I think should be allowed to vote in an election.

I think kids should be allowed to vote in an election because there are adults that can't read or write but they can still vote because of the age. For example kids can't vote like saying black people can't vote because of their color.

Another reason is because the kids that live in america that's their country too. And the president affects them as well.


My final reason why kids should be allowed to vote because  Children are people who are expected to follow the laws, pay taxes, and endure punishments.

BY sosaia and auckland

Monday, June 12, 2017

Banana Bread

Today room 7 made banana bread and we got into four groups and four in a group. First we got boals and miss ashley put a hole banana and a halve of a banana.
Next miss gave each group and a fork then we match the banana until it was smooth.    
Next we got a bigger boal then crack the eggs and flower and one and a halve of surger then we tiped the banana boal into the big boal then we mix it. then we cooked it.chocklet was on it.

  • boals
  • banana
  • eggs 
  • flower
  • surger
  • chocklet 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Why fidget spinners are allowed

I think that fidget spinners should be allowed in the classroom because it helps you calm down.

FS can help you calm down when you get angry. If you angry at someone you can play with a fidget spinner and calm down.

IT doesn't distract you by running around. It helps you to don't be noisy. Fidget spinners make you not angry at the other person.

Fidget spinners stop you getting into a fight.

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phones should not be aloud in school?

I think that phones should not allowed in school because they cheat and they play games and they go on rude stuff.

My opinion is that they cheat and they search up the answer when it is a test. They can search up the answer and they take a photo and send it to their friends. They sneak it inside the classroom then text. For example children can cheat and they won't be honest and they not showing school values. This is one reason they bring phones if one person gets in trouble then the other person gets his phone and play on it.

My opinion they play games while learning time by hiding it. They will play and it will distracted them well they are doing there work. For example they play games all day and they wont get ehri work done and they will get in lots of trouble. They play games because the work is hard.

Theygo on rude stuff while learning time. They play on phones because there on Facebook watching rude stuff while work time. They go on rude stuff on messenger and Facebook.

I think we should not have phones because they cheat, play games and go on rude stuff.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017