Tuesday, June 6, 2017

phones should not be aloud in school?

I think that phones should not allowed in school because they cheat and they play games and they go on rude stuff.

My opinion is that they cheat and they search up the answer when it is a test. They can search up the answer and they take a photo and send it to their friends. They sneak it inside the classroom then text. For example children can cheat and they won't be honest and they not showing school values. This is one reason they bring phones if one person gets in trouble then the other person gets his phone and play on it.

My opinion they play games while learning time by hiding it. They will play and it will distracted them well they are doing there work. For example they play games all day and they wont get ehri work done and they will get in lots of trouble. They play games because the work is hard.

Theygo on rude stuff while learning time. They play on phones because there on Facebook watching rude stuff while work time. They go on rude stuff on messenger and Facebook.

I think we should not have phones because they cheat, play games and go on rude stuff.

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