Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The wedding.

One glorious day the sun was rising  it was beautiful.  There was a lady who was beautiful she was ging to a wedding. when the wedding was starting the lady said ´im going to get some ear then when she was out side she triped in the foris t she triped in a matte.
Then there was a man who went to help her get up.
Then afther a few moth the marry.

Monday, September 19, 2016

walking dead

Once It was a freaky night ittehad dead body skeleton it had dust. It was haze it had super tall trees. 
I was walking in a dark forest it was scary on my own because i was the last one standing i said to my sath 
´it frecy over here i want to go to the other side i said to my sath. Then wall i was walking i heard  a strange nose then i followed the nose when i was there it was a zombie and a wofe then i cemp walking then the zombie was sirouding me. Then i called ´HELP HELP HELP HELP´!!!!!! then i jumped hie as i can over the zombie then i killed them
all then i was safe.
Name at least 3 system

digestive system fucsuin the food takes out the nutreyits

Thursday, September 15, 2016


It was a glorious morning there was beautiful dark green trees,Brown wads on trees. There was 3 kids was Beautiful nice And and kind They were wearing bags an T shirt an Pants. There was a dad who told the kids to up for school. First they went past the village and under a tenor and into a dark forest. Next they ran Then there was a big circle trap Next they ran then there was a Ugly the whole black old. They fall inside when they inside it dark,scary,madey,ugly. The kids was late to school. School was finished they the dad thoeath ´where could be my wonderfall 3kids dad thoaeth to his sath. So dad went to look them around the village but know one was there so dad went to look for them in the tanr that they near but know one was still not, then dad was in a big dark forest. Dad saw a big metool sircoll then he went an look then they were there then they live happy evry agin

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Human body

Swimming day

Swimming day. On swimming day in the morning we had learning then we had lunch then it was swimming we were waiting for the bus then the bus was here we went. When we were at the pools we got change then we went swimming we did diving and swimming.

The bush walk

The bush walk. Once upon a time i was walking then i saw a big bush then i walked in the bush when i walked in the bushes i could hear loud nosy animose. When i could hear the nose i could hear animals like spirit and birds bats frogs ants. I could see black and green yolloy animals like frogs bats birds spirit little ants all around the trees. After that i could my leg wiggling and my body is vevey chilly around my beautiful body.