Monday, November 14, 2016

First, read the story. Click on the book to get the link.

Next, screenshot 5 new words from the text and paste them beside this box.

(Paste them here)
File:Empty book.jpg... Manga Template 4 ...Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 2.44.48 PM.png
Think of the answers to these questions and write down what you think.
  1. What is bok choy?
  2. Do William and Jacob like Mr Ah Sum at the beginning of the story? How do you know?
  3. Why do you think Mrs Bishop ‘talks as if Mr Ah Sum isn’t there’?
  4. Where do you think this story happened? How do you know?
  5. Where is Mr Ah Sum’s family? Why are they there?
  6. Do you think Mr Ah Sum will ‘be after something’ like Mrs Bishop says he will? Why do you think that?

Read this part on page 12.
  1. Why do you think the writer put this part into the story?
Click here to find out more about Chinese Miners.

Create your own comic strip about what you think it would be like to live as a Chinese miner (Make up your own characters and story!)
There is a template you can use if you can use if you want to, or make your own.
Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 2.52.49 PM.png

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