Tuesday, November 29, 2016

EOTC recount

WALT: use time words in a recount
SC: I can highlight 5 time words I have used in my recount

Instructions: You must write a recount about what you did last week for EOTC week.
A recount is a story about something that has already happened - something in the past.
In recounts, we use words like
  • First
  • Next
  • Then
  • Afterwards
  • Before
  • Later on
  • And days of the week - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Your task is to write a recount about your week. You can add pictures if you want to.
Before posting on your blog, highlight any time words you have used. You MUST use at least 5 of these.

For your blog:
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Title: WALT use time words in a recount

Start writing here:

Today, students from TPS had an education day called EOTC. In Tamaki PrimaryΕ› name, EOTC stands for Education outside the classroom.  Today the activities that we all participated in was Bowling and Lazer strike. It was fun because I was playing with my friends and we were shooting each other on the Laser Strike. What I liked about our trip we made is that I was trying to be respectful and helpful for my teacher Miss Sharma because it is her birthday tode. Here are some photos above from where we were.

Image result for secret life of pets
Today the students from TPS went off to the Monetary Howick movies we all watched,  'The secret life of pets'.The movies was about  a dog named Max who had a new house with this Girl called Kate. One day Kate came with a big dog called Duke and he was so angry that he wanted the bed that Max had. The favorite part I liked was when they went on the Truck and crashed everywhere.
Today we were outside having fun sliding  on the  slide then we get bucket and wet people because it was sunny and it was a beautiful day for me it was good because everyone was having a good day instead of having fights and being  silly we were just having a good time of EOTC week.

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