Wednesday, April 11, 2018

First Panmure Bridge

We went down to the yacht club to view the site of the first Panmure Bridge
that got demolished because it was unsafe.
The swing bridge is now a Panmure Bridge.
Hemi was a farmer he grew vegetable to produce.
Hemi took the produce to Australia along with cattle
to sell. The swing bridge made a noise  when opening and closing like a
bee buzzing.

2 horrible weeks ago in America near Miami.
The 8 lane footbridge collapsed because a lot of pedestrians were
crossing over the 8 lane footbridge to get to the university.
But when the pedestrians were crossing there were cars passing the
footbridge. Then the footbridge collapsed.
TÄ¥e footbridge crushed on the cars that were passing. Then there was a
emergencies and the
helicopter then the
helicopter shouted out to go away so they can hear the people who are
calling for help under the debri so the helicopter got send  back,there was
a few seriously injured and a few were survivor.The 8 lane footbridge was
made in 6 hours,and it might be made out of wood,steel quartz,concrete.

I learn that Panmure Bridge was used to be a swing bridge and also I found out that someone called hemi.
My challenge is to put more ideas.

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