Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The little girl

Once there was a little girl named jenny she was playing at the backyard then she saw  a magic shiny gold key on the ground she picked up the key then she saw a door made out of bricks she put the key into hole then she was in a magical land then there was lots of kady and cokelet bar and there was a big monster that was eating all the lollies and the cokelet sea all epidy and the tonade happened then all the houses broke down then she ran and nook on the door then she was back home.  
Once the little girl jenny was in a magical place and then she heard stomping noise and then she saw a lolly monster made out of candy floss and  lolly’s on him and chocolate sauce on his body and ice cream
And then there was a problem the monster at all the houses and drank all the chocolate sauce on the mountains and then the monster looked at her and then gobbled her all up. But then she found a spoon in his stumik and then she grabbed the spoon she picked the spoon in his body she had ice cream on her spoon and then started to eat it and 1 minute the body was all gone and then she ran back home.and then she was safe and exited.
   By saia.     The endImage result for magical cave

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