Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Learning the Tamaki Haka

This week the Kapa Haka leaders Andrae and Chanel and the Kapa Haka group.
We had  to go into two mixed groups (boys and Girls) then we learned the action's and the song with it.
After we had to go into two lines because we had to go face to face.
We had a challenge which team is louder and which can do the best actions.

Game of Chairs

This week we learnt a new game to play for P.E it's called Chairs.
You need a chalk to draw the outline and the x is where  the tagger starts from. The person to be chased starts in the circle.
In this game one team lines up on the yellow line and one person starts at the big x and that's the green team.
The other team is the black team they have to line up on the white line and there's a big circle, then one person at a time stands in the circle. 
If someone gets tagged from the green team the black team runs then the green team has to try catch you, if you run out the outline your out.
The black team can run through people and the green team tags the people in the middle or he/her can run around the people that's in the middle.
This game is cool because there's running in it.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Rainbow End

Amazing! On Tuesday 27 the people that had a job for the school
like,Fruit monita,Milk monita,Road Patrol,Kumara vine and the
Conservation club.
We went to Rainbow end because of all our hard work we’ve been
It was freaky and amazing because I went on the Fear Fall it was
scary cause when you go to the top you drop like your falling off
a building.
We also went on  the Invalder its cool because you go round and
round like when you turn around.
It was cool and amazing because we went on lots of cool rides.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Spy Gadget

We have been learning about technology and learning how to make it in real life.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


I learnt about Symmetry and its Rotation,Reflection and Translation.
I learnt about shapes.

Number of Blog Post vs Months 2018

My top month posting is May and June.
My lowest post is March, April  and November.
I didn't blog in January,February and August because I didn't feel like blogging.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Super Spy Glasses

WALT:Improve technology Spy Gadget.We had to make up our own Spy gadget, my one is an Super Spy glassesIt has spy stuff stuck to my glasses.